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About Our Practice

Many pharmacies are finding it increasingly difficult to find skilled, reliable pharmacists for temporary coverage. With the extraordinary challenges of COVID-19 pandemic and an increase in prescription drug abuse creating more work, many pharmacy owners need help with hiring a competent pharmacist. CoverMyDay is determined to ease this problem by providing qualified applicants from their pool who can be placed at any location nationwide as needed so that they may provide assistance during such a trying time.

Our Vision

It is our mission to help pharmacies find knowledgeable, reliable, and skilled pharmacists to best suit their needs who can uphold the same level of quality professional service they provide to their customers.

Our Mission

For healthcare providers, finding temporary coverage can be a difficult and expensive process. By connecting pharmacies with pharmacists through our efficient technology platform we make it easy for the two groups to work together providing cost-effective care while keeping patients safe from gaps in service that could lead to adverse outcomes or financial losses.

Our Services

Connecting pharmacies with skillful pharmacists for the short-term needs to cover a planned vacation or unplanned immediate need. Find a pharmacist with the best skills and experience matching your needs and requirements!

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All pharmacists on the CoverMyDay platform are screened by the CoverMyDay team by verifying their credentials with the respective state boards of pharmacy

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Pharmacy Owners and Managers

Effortlessly find skillful and experienced relief pharmacists that best suit your needs and requirements. Set your pay rate and hire pharmacists as often or as little as needed. Pay the pharmacist automatically after the end of the shift through the CoverMyDay platform.

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